Document Eenthusiast & Healthcare Guru

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Healthcare complexities have met their match with Mordechai. Deeply enmeshed in the daily operations at GlattHealth means Mordechai oversees dynamic and multifaceted aspects at several healthcare facilities at any given time. With a levelheaded mindset and dedicated work ethic, he approaches each challenge head on and with a skill set backed by over a decade in the industry he dominates.

Ever since 2001, Mordechai has been actively involved in healthcare operations, which led him to the consulting model as a way of filling a much needed gap in the market.

Adept at problem solving and in sync with the ever changing bureaucracies, Mordechai’s consulting model was the result of multiple administrative contacts requesting just that.

A natural guide and passionate individual if there ever was one, Mordechai is known for having nerves of steel in complex situations, with a solution focused mantra that replaces worry with wisdom. A Brooklyn native, he spends his spare time completing complicated puzzles with his lively crew of 4 young children.