About Us

It’s what you know that makes all the difference.
And knowing us, is all you need to know.

The GlattHealth Consulting Group was founded to fill the gap of complexities associated with healthcare compliance and reporting, offering a rich healthcare IQ and dynamic skill set to help healthcare clients navigate multiple norms in the industry’s all encompassing regulatory requirements.

As industry leading experts based out of NY, we’re here to support our clients and organizations by offering solutions across multiple mediums and healthcare sectors. With never ending reforms in the complex world of healthcare, we create tailor-made strategies to aid our clients and build long-term relationships for short and long term viability.

Spanning healthcare compliance, M&A, waiver services and operations, our team provides a conglomerate of assistance and guidance for maximized efficiency and compliance across multiple mediums.

Our name is synonymous with our mission to ensure a smooth process and stellar product for our clients. With ‘Glatt’ reaffirming our emphasis on exceeding expectations, we’re here to offer qualifying companies a robust variety of options spanning the entire healthcare continuum and our results-driven approach.

Got Questions? We Have The Answers.