ADP will help you find the perfect HR and payroll solution for your agency.

Our best-in-class technology gives agencies superior payroll and HR tech and everything you need in a modern, easy to use, all-in-one platform.

Overview + Key Features

ADP offers industry-leading payroll and HR for over a million clients worldwide. Informed by data and designed for people, ADP offers unmatched expertise, insights, and solutions with over 70 years of experience. ADP has a dedicated relationship manager that can help design HR and payroll solutions that assists you and your agency’s customized and tailored needs.

ADP offers:   

  • Fast, easy, accurate payroll and tax filing software will help you save time and money. 
  • Federal, state and local taxes electronically deducted and filed for you
  • Time saving automation
  • Help with reducing costly tax and compliance errors
  • Manage the benefits enrollment and administration process  
  • Track and print your pay statements and Forms W-2 right from your phone or tablet
  • Built-in error detection, alerts and calculations
  • Helps you meet your payroll compliance needs including pay statement requirements
  • Over 165 Prebuilt reports with the option to custom build your own reports