MIKE MACAULL, Sales Director

Areas Of Expertise


A dynamic and hard working contender at GlattHealth, Mike merges tactical sales techniques with a truly empathetic side to address healthcare consulting from a personal and committed position. Having been involved in outreach programs and operational efficiency during his 25 years of outperforming the stats in sales and business development.

Mike is enthusiastic about assisting his clients with compliance related services, seeing it as a way to improve profitability, longevity and a streamlined service spectrum.

Residing in Smithtown, NY, his loyalty to the firm and robust client roster is fueled by his passion for health and wellness. Mike’s mom has been battling dementia for multiple years now and he lost his dad to Alzheimers, after spending much of his adult life convening with healthcare agencies and partners. He sees his career choice as a service toward those whose very mission is to provide quality care. With healthcare close to home and close to his heart, Mike puts in an overwhelming amount of hours toward ensuring positive client relationships and goal oriented environments for his clients’ bottom line.

Customer care takes a front and center role for Mike, with his values mirroring those of GlattHealth’s leadership team. When he’s not overextending himself for a client, he remains committed to his family and rigorous fitness regimen. Sharing the vision for the company’s growth, he sees the GlattHealth team as a national healthcare consulting contender in the near future- and is humbled to be an active participant in its growth.